Winter Garden

Winter gardens & patio/terrace/roof closure systems bring an extended use and functionality to buildings.Depending on your location our team can design a custom system which will resist all snow and wind loads, with insulated glass units. Depending on your needs we also offer motorized /retractable remote controlled systems which can operate horizontally or vertically, and give an incredible ambiance and flexibility to your spaces. Not only glass, we also offer remote controlled motorized/retractable see-thru (bug) screen systems, at spaces where no climate control is needed, or privacy screen systems when the privacy is a major concern. 

Product Advantages

TMC Winter Garden system keeps rain, snow, wind, dust and birds away from your patios, terraces or balconies. It protects inner surfaces and structures, which were exposed to all weather conditions before, and thus lengthens maintenance and repair intervals. 

It also reduces noise and saves energy.Our winter garden glazing systems provide a convenient way of adding space to your home. A glazed patio, terrace or balcony can be furnished and decorated, for example, as an addition to your living room.What could be cozier than sitting on your patio, sipping coffee with friends and watching the evening sky turning from crimson to midnight blue. 

TMC winter garden systems provide elegant protection, without reducing light and offer top quality glazing unrivaled as for their style, price, appearance, functionality and user-friendliness. Our balcony enclosures can transform your unused terrace or roof space into your favorite place at your home, all year round. On windy, rainy, or cool days, keep the glass closed for a cozy and comfortable solarium with unobstructed views. 

Slide the retractable glass open easily for fresh air on those beautiful summer days. We also offer remote controlled retractable see-thru screen systems which brings a different option for people who like to enjoy breathing fresh air in summer time without getting the annoyance caused by flies and biting insects .

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